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All of the chicken coops I sell are handmade by me, not bought in from overseas and assembled.  In order to stay married, I am instructed to complete our home renovations, which includes rebuilding my workshop. This means that, until I can complete the building works, I cannot take any new orders for coops (EcoCoop packages or Midi Coops).  Please accept my apologies for this hiatus.

I have a waiting list for those willing to wait.  However, I can't give an indication of when I will be able to start manufacturing again I'm afraid.  If you are one of the many of my customers that have been thinking about getting chooks for ages, getting chooks is not urgent, and you really want a Rentachook coop, please feel free to email me at with the title "waiting list" and give me your contact details.  I will get in touch when I back up and running. 

As an alternative, I am selling Chook Start-up Packages for people who have sourced their coop elsewhere or built their own.

I am still selling hens (by the dozen!), feed (by the tonne) and other items but cannot provide you with a coop until further notice. 

Rentachook has moved

The "lovely" asbestos shed that Rentachook operated out of between 2008 and 2012 has been sold and will be residential units this time next year.  Currently, the business is being run from my house in Denistone (near West Ryde Station). A less than ideal situation I will admit.

This means that Rentachook is now 'by appointment only' business and I available for you to come and pickup feed, chooks, coops and other poultry accoutrements on most Fridays (11am to 5pm) but you will need to call me to arrange where and when to meet as I will be doing deliveries on Fridays as well.  With advance notice hen and coop orders can be collected most Saturdays as well, but never on a Sunday.

To ensure the health and wellbeing of the chooks that I sell, I only go and get enough chooks to fill orders and don't keep larger numbers of chooks for sale in stock.  This means that, if you need chooks only (as you have a coop) or want replacement chooks, it is best if you order them in advance as I go out west once a fortnight on average. 

For existing feed customers, special arrangements are in place for feed collection anytime.  Please can you contact me me requesting details and I will send them to you.

Rentachook - My Side Business

Occasionally I am hard to get hold of, and unable to respond to phone calls or answer emails for a few days.  I know this sounds unprofessional, but I have a day job Monday to Wednesday working as an environmental consultant/adviser and started Rentachook as a hobby.  Please do not call me on Mon to Wed unless it is urgent, even then I'm likely to take a number and call you back. Sorry, but it is the reality of having two jobs.

I also have three small boys (my Bubbas - Hamish (Mr Snoobit) 9yo, Alexander (Zuzzy) 8yo and Edward (Ted Bear) 7yo (as at December 2014)) Yes, it was 3 boys in 3 years!  I love the Bubbas dearly and they can be demanding of my time. 


Because I work at my day job in the city on Monday to Wednesday, Rentachook is closed on these days.  This leaves Thursday and Friday as the best days to call me.

I am available from 11am to 5:00pm on most Fridays. There will be some weeks when I am unavailable but these should be posted on this page. 

Please Note: Sunday is Family Day in the Ingham household and please do not call on a Sunday.  Working two jobs, you will understand that Sunday is downtime.


For orders

Please try to use the shopping cart, it is technology and it occasionally chucks a wobbly.  If it doesn’t work for you, email or call.

For questions

Please have a look at the What To Expect page and the FAQ’s first, as I’ve put a lot of effort into describing what to expect from keeping chooks.


Please complete the contact-us form at the top right of this page or email Please include a contact number with all emails as I often call back rather than type (one finger at a time).  I'm afraid at times when Rentachook is busy there can be a delay in me replying to emails and contact-us forms as email is not my strongest point. 

To explain, I get 80 - 100 emails a week and I can reply to most of these in a good week.  I never seem to be able to get through all of the inquiries, meaning that some emails go unanswered each week.  If you don't get a reply, don't be despondent, give it another go.  Be a squeaky wheel, you will get oiled eventually!

If your inquiry is urgent please email me at and put the word urgent in the title.


0409 CHOOK1 (0409 246 651) Thursday and Friday.


Currently, the business is being run from my house in Denistone, near West Ryde Station (if you are meeting me there I will give you the address).  This means that if you are coming to me you will need to call first.


We accept cash, cheque and direct deposit.  I have ditched my EFTPOS facility as I was sick of the amounts I gave to the bank each month for it.  I either had to swallow the charge or pass it on, I chose option 3.

Don't be dismayed if I’m hard to track down, I'll happily answer any chook question you may have. Also, if I seem a little disorganised, that's because I am!