Footage of a chicken laying an egg. - 12-May-2009

Can’t get any fresher than this! (May not be suitable for children and those with a weak stomach, ..

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Please forgive me but I have had to put the business on hold while I write a book on keeping chooks in suburbia and writing it has become an unexpectedly all encompassing activity.  This means that I can't sell you a coop or hens until the book is written, but I am still selling certified organic stockfeed and other accoutrements for your chooks.



Existing (and new customers) wanting feed, fret not, I'm still selling it and distributing it around Sydney.  Please go to our products to order as per normal.  For those wanting to pick up from me in Ryde, please call me on 0409 246 651 on a Thursday or Friday and I will explain how it works.

Returning customers please note the price increase to $40 per bag, the wholesale price jumped by $5 per bag in one go and I had to pass it on, sorry people.

Rentachook - Pet Chickens Made Easy

Once you have had the pleasure of a rich, gooey, fresh, home grown egg, you won't ever be satisfied with the bland, pasty, shop-bought offerings again!

Rentachook makes keeping chooks at home easy. Our customers get all the support and advice they need to make their chooks a success. We manufacture and sell eco-friendly chicken coops as well as hens, certified organic feed and everything else chooks might need.  

We also invented the rent-try-buy option that allows you to give it a go without committing permanently.  Selling backyard chickens since 2001, we have pioneered sustainable suburban chooks and continue to focus on customer support and advice.


If you return it, you rented it. If you keep it, you bought it.